The market prices of bullion shown on the Platform would be an invitation to offer to all eligible Account holders. An order legitimately placed by an eligible Account holder would constitute an offer for purchase or sale ofthe Gold or Silver, as the case may be. TRS JEWELLERS AND BULLIONS PVT LTD & BULLION may accept or reject such an offer, at its discretion, Though orders would usually be attended to within seconds, certain orders, at TRS JEWELLERS AND BULLIONS PVT LTD & BULLION discretion, may be subject to manual review and entry, which may cause delays in the processing of your orders. You also accept that you will receive the price at which your ‘order executes in our systems, which may be different from the price at which Gold or Silver is trading at when you enter your order into our system. You acknowledge that you ‘cannot modify an order once placed and that orders may get executed ata price significantly unfavorable to you, depending upon market fluctuations.

In order to ensure smooth and efficient operations, TRS JEWELLERS AND BULLIONS PVT LTD & BULLION may appoint one or more agents (including a Commission agent) on your behalf, from time to time. If required, you agree to ratify such appointment(s) retrospectively. All agents shall have the right to terminate their appointment at any time, without prior notice to you.